Varicose Veins

These treatments are designed to eliminate small superficial veins in the legs.  Sclerotherapy is the most common and generally the most effective treatment method.  The procedure is performed by injecting small amounts of a sclerosing agent (hypertonic saline, glycerin, sotradechol, or Asclera (polidocanol)) into the affected veins.  This causes the walls of these small vessels to collapse and ultimately disappear.  Following treatment, compression stockings must be worn and exercise avoided for a period of one week.  Usually 2-3 treatment sessions are required for optimal results.  This procedure is used to treat smaller veins near the surface of the skin which are purplish in color.  It is not meant for the larger deep blue colored veins which bulge out when standing.  V beam laser can be utilized to address tiny veins; it can be used alone or following sclerotherapy treatments to eliminate any small lingering vessels.

Timing is important when this procedure is being considered.  After sclerotherapy, veins may appear darker for a period of days or weeks, and as mentioned above, compression stockings must be worn for a week afterwards.  Due to these considerations, it is generally better to schedule this treatment during the fall, winter or spring when it will is easier and more comfortable to wear concealing hose or slacks.

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