V Beam Laser

V Beam laser is an effective tool to treat a number of problems.  This laser is excellent to address fine blood vessels on the face, neck, and chest.  Cherry angiomas  (red dots), red scars, and some vascular birth marks on the face and body can be effectively treated with the V-Beam laser.  Several treatments may be required for blood vessels, while angiomas generally disappear after 1-2 treatments. Rosacea can also show significant improvement in both flushing and generalized redness of the face.

In addition, this laser can be used to treat isolated pigmented spots on both the face and body called lentigo, which are the result of long term sun exposure.  Lentigo on the hands and arms can be a tell-tale sign of aging, and there removal with this laser is relatively easy.  After treatment, the spots will appear darker for a week to 10 days before lightening.

Stretch marks (medically known as striae) can shrink with V beam laser if the treatments are initiated when the stretch marks are pink.  It is not as helpful if the stretch marks are white.

Scars that are pink or purple in color will also show substantial improvement with this laser.  Usually several treatment sessions are required to obtain the optimal result for both stretch marks and scars.

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